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What is freediving? 

Freediving is the art of diving underwater on a single breath, without any artificial breathing equipment. Freediving allows you to explore the underwater world in a natural and serene way, with minimal impact on the environment and marine life.

Why freedive in Dahab?

 Dahab is one of the best destinations for freediving in the world, with year-round warm water, clear visibility, and easy access to deep water. Dahab offers a variety of freediving sites, from the famous Blue Hole to the colorful coral reefs of the Lighthouse Bay. Dahab also has a vibrant freediving community, with many schools, instructors, and events to choose from.

How can I learn freediving in Dahab? 

There are many freediving spots in Dahab and we offer courses and training for all levels of freedivers, from beginners to advanced. and Professional.  You can choose from different freediving agencies, such as AIDA, SSI, or others, depending on your preference and goals. You can also join training sessions, workshops, or competitions to improve your skills and meet other freedivers.

What are the requirements for freediving in Dahab?

 To freedive in Dahab, you need to have a basic level of fitness, health, and swimming ability. You also need to have a valid freediving certification or proof of training from a recognized freediving agency. You should also follow the safety rules and regulations of the freediving sites, such as diving with a buddy, using appropriate equipment, and respecting the marine life.

What equipment do I need for freediving in Dahab?

 The essential equipment for freediving in Dahab are a mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit. You can also use a weight belt, a dive computer, and a buoy, depending on your level and preferences. You can either bring your own equipment or rent it from one of the freediving schools or shops in Dahab.

what the best time to Freedive in dahab?

the best time to Freedive in Dahab is year-round, as the water temperature, visibility, and weather are almost perfect for freediving. However, some Freedivers may prefer the summer months (July/August) when the water is warmer, or the winter months (January/February) when the water is cooler and less crowded. Ultimately, the best time to Freedive in Dahab depends on your personal preference and goals

what is the water temperature in dahab ?

According to the web search results, the water temperature in Dahab varies from 21°C to 28°C throughout the year. The warmest month is August, and the coolest month is February. The water temperature is suitable for comfortable swimming all year round

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