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SSI Performance




4 Days

About the Course

Get closer to making your ultimate freediving goals a reality with the SSI Freediving Level 3 certification program. This is the highest level of freediving training course and will help you discover your true potential as a freediver. Using an in-depth combination of online learning and freediving sessions, you will maximize your skills and learn the techniques freediving world record holders use.


Day 1

Mouthful Workshop, Lunch, Open Water FRC Session

Day 2

DYN Session, Theory, Lunch, Open Water

Day 3

STA Session, Theory, Stretching, Lunch, Open Water

Day 4

Theory, Open Water, Lunch, Exam, Open Water

What to Expect?

Static - 3m30+
Dynamic - 75m+
Depth - 30m+


4 Days

Price Includes:

Digital Manual – Digital SSI International Certification – Equipment

Complete the pool and open water requirements as stated in standards.



Minimum Age: 18
Certification Required: SSI Level 2 certification or equivalent from a recognized training agency.
At least 30 logged in-water freediving sessions.

9am - 4:30pm

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