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SSI Freediver




3 Days

About the Course

When you become an SSI Level 1 freediver, you open the door to the underwater world. Learning to freedive with SSI is easier than you think. In this program you combine: online training, pool or confined water sessions and open water dives to help you become a confident and safe freediver in no time. Once certified, you can freedive with a qualified buddy in open water up to a depth of 20 meters and explore a variety of stunning underwater ecosystems around the world.


Day 1 
Theory, Breathing Session, Pool, Lunch break, Theory, Open water 
Day 2 
Theory, Pool, Lunch break, Theory, Open water
Day 3
Exam, open water session this will be half day

What to Expect?

Static - 1m+
Dynamic - 30m+
Depth - 10m+


3 Days

Price Includes:

Digital Manual – Digital SSI International Certification – Equipment

Complete the pool and open water requirements as stated in standards.



Minimum Age: 12
Certification Required: None however, must be able to swim.

9am - 4:30pm

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