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White Canyon




1 Day

About the Course

The Sinai Desert is a vast and rugged land of sand dunes, mountains, and canyons. It is a place of extremes, with scorching heat in the day and freezing cold at night. But it is also a place of great beauty, with its stunning natural landscapes and its rich history and culture.
The Sinai Desert is a place of adventure and exploration. Visitors can go hiking, camping, and rock climbing in the desert. They can also visit Bedouin villages and learn about the traditional way of life.
The Sinai Desert is a truly unique and unforgettable destination.

We leave from Dahab around 9am and drive 45 minutes. Walk for around 30 minutes to White Canyon where we can spend up to an hour walking through the Canyon to reach the Oasis. Here we take a break and have some Bedouin Tea. Then we head back a different way to see the hills and some inscriptions from Ancient Greek before returning to the car to drive back to Dahab.


Whats Included?

Transportation, guide, Tea in the Oasis
Bring your own snacks or if you would prefer lunch can be provided at an additional cost.

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