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Dive Deeper into Your Passion for Freediving


Founder - Waleed Ghatas

My name Waleed Ghatas I started freediving blue hole dahab for the love of the ocean and the peaceful feelings that I get every time I enter the beautiful underwater world.

I am a SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer based in Dahab, Egypt.  I started my freediving journey in 2012 and began teaching in 2015.  Since then it has been my passion to show people how wonderful and enjoyable freediving can be and how calming it can be for both the body and mind.

Since starting teaching in 2015 I have certified hundreds of students in both recreational and professional freediving courses including React Right - First Aid.  Additionally I have also coached hundreds of students and several national record holding athletes.  

I am also an AIDA Level E judge and CMAS International Judge
waleed ghatas team leader
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