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SSI Performance Instructor Upgrade


€120 per day


Min 2 Days

About the Course

As an SSI Freediving Instructor Level 2, you are a seasoned pro. Once you certify 50 students from different levels, you can join other elite freediving instructors with the SSI Freediving Instructor Level 3 upgrade. Freediving Instructor Level 3 is the apex of the SSI freediving system. Guide your students to increase their average breath-holding time and break freediving records, all while discovering new depths and mastering their technique. Become an SSI Freediving Instructor Level 3 today!


The course takes between 2- 4 days however this can be spread out over more days so that you get a chance to study and rest in-between days. Please talk with your Instructor Trainer to discuss a plan.

What to Expect?

Complete a combination of academic sessions, classroom presentations, in water requirements and exam. If you would like a more detailed list please get in touch.


Min 2 Days

Price Includes:

international SSI certification

Complete the pool, open water and presentation requirements as stated in standards. Additionally complete React Right course and Training Techniques.



Minimum age of 18.
Must have SSI Level 3 or equivalent.
Active status Level 2 Freediving Instructor or equivalent
Have issued at least:
• 30 Basic Freediving, Pool Freediving, and/or Freediving Level 1 certifications
• 20 Freediving Level 2 certifications

9am - 4:30pm

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